The word Deera is inspired by the culture in the arabian Gulf region that describes the motherland, which includes the village or city to the inclusion of our dear kingdom. At Deera, we pride ourselves on presenting the authentic Saudi identity, distinguished by its generous hospitality, with a renewed modern character that reflects the beautiful blend between the ancient past and the bright future.

"There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with coffee"


The ambience designs in our branches were inspired by a beautiful blend of Saudi heritage in various regions and their diversity with a modern identity


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Stars Avenue Mall Branch
Atelier Lavi Branch - King Abdulaziz Road
Sari Branch - Sari Street
Emilex Branch - King Abdulaziz Road
Atwal Branch -King Abdul Aziz Road
Housing Branch - Sasco Station, King Abdullah Road
IKEA Branch - Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Street (Tahlia)
Taneem Branch - Sasco Station
Red Sea Branch - Sasco Station
laith Branch - Sasco Station
Stars Avenue
Atelier Lavi


Contact Us

  • 0509007571

Working Hours

Main branches : Every day from 6 am to 1 am
Drive thru branches are open 24 hours